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Rawlemon PRESS RELEASE 2018


After several years of research in the energy sector to improve a solar concentrator system, Andre Broessel, architect, inventor and founder of rawlemon solar architecture, explains: “When the 2017 World Economic Forum published the annual Global Risk Report, I discovered that my patent lawyer wasn’t working in my interest and realised that a legal procedure is the only way to ‘clean up’.”
The Cleaning Games is Andre Broessel’s bold response to the world leaders’ dismissal of the Global Risk Report, the infamous Volkswagen diesel manipulations, and the mysterious barriers surrounding the progression of rawlemon. The fossil fuel industries continue to block new and more efficient clean-tech, like rawlemon. Politicians argue that renewable energy can’t secure the entire energy needs of a nation. What they don’t mention is that the tax income from fossil fuel related taxes account for up to 25% of GDP (in the case of Germany). That they give back billions to the industry by subsidies to virtually keep down the price of fossil fuel energy is insider knowledge.
The attorney Elizabeth Cabraser and her deal for US clients and authorities to claim penalties, fines and compensation of $21billion USD from Volkswagen for the diesel-gate scandal is just one example of corporate giants’ manipulations. Ironically, this pollution scandal was found out by accident.
Tax payers also balance the cost of already more than a trillion dollars annually for the health system that are related to air-pollution issues (in the case of EU28 and 600K premature deaths). The big peace of the cake is produced from energy utilities, mainly coal power plants. A fact that matters further to the GDP. Business as usual.
With rawlemon’s ambition to tackle 40% of the total global energy consumption with a solar concentrator system for building integration, they have only received a miniscule amount of money through crowdfunding, followed by a smear campaign of coal energy giant RWE and other mysterious actions. The rest of the story is a crime. The perfect conflict of interest.

But there is a new opposition growing. After this year’s result of the 2017 climate summit in Bonn, one of the fathers of climate science, Dr. James Hansen, said it loud and clear to The Guardian: “The judiciary is the branch of government in the US and other countries that is relatively free of bribery. And bribery is exactly what is going on.”
As the Global Risk Report of 2017 predicted, there are considerable costs and as people around the globe are suffering loss of property and damage, it’s time to fight back.
The EU Commission has just warned Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and the United Kingdom that they must act to cut air pollution without delay – but we believe that this possible procedure in court could still take years.
With The Cleaning Games, Andre Broessel plans to beat the fossil fuel giants at their own game. He explains: “$100million USD is a good base to invest in measuring-equipment for combustible gases like CO2, toxic gases, organic vapours, odorant and amine, and to hire the best attorneys like Elizabeth Cabraser, who are fighting the same battle.
“Furthermore, there are 15,000 scientists and thousands of climate activists that will help us to underpin and to mark the binding rules and limits in every country. What Greenpeace did 40 years ago was absolutely low-tech and risky. The Cleaning Games will use legal ways to measure air pollution with state-of-the-art equipment, much like those who uncovered the Volkswagen diesel-gate scandal.

“We will invest in helicopters, drones and other tools to measure in real-time the amount of penalties directly above the emitting facilities. We will also hire a team with great knowledge in emission policies and bring law and engineering under the umbrella of a revolutionary cleaning company. A public-private environmental security service to uncover the truth and to get the necessary compensations.
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