Press Release, February 2018

Record crowdfunding goal of $100million USD by rawlemon


After several years of investigation in the energy sector to improve a solar concentrator system, Andre Broessel surprises with a statement:

When early 2017 the World Economic Forum published the annual Global Risk Report and I uncover that my patent lawyer wasn’t working for my interest, I recognize that law is the only chance to clean up. Elizabeth Cabraser’s deal for US clients and authorities to claim penalties, fines and compensation of $21billion USD from Volkswagen for the diesel gate scandal is only one example of giant’s manipulations. Ironically this pollution scandal was found by accident.

CLEANING GAMES is the response of the ignored Global Risk Report by leaders, Volkswagen manipulations and a personal poor result to find a lawyer for rawlemon patent issues and compensation. The fossil fuel industries block new and efficient systems. Politicians argue that renewable energy can’t be securing the entire energy needs of a country. What they don’t say is that the tax income of fossil fuel related taxes taking into account e.g. of Germany’s GDP with 25%. That they give back billions to the industry by subsidies to virtual hold down the fossil fuel energy price is insider knowledge. Tax payers also balance the cost of already more than a trillion dollar annually for the health system by air pollution issues. A fact that matters. Business as usual. With rawlemon’s proposal to tackle 40% of the total global energy consumption by a solar concentrator system for building integration, we have received a drop of money by crowdfunding, followed by a smear campaign of coal energy giant RWE and other mysterious actions. The rest of the story is a crime. The perfect conflict of interest.

But there is an increasing other party. After this year’s result of the climate summit in Bonn 2017, one of the fathers of climate science Dr. James Hansen said it clearly to the Guardian: “The judiciary is the branch of government in the US and other countries that is relatively free of bribery. And bribery is exactly what is going on.” As the ignored Global Risk Report of 2017 full fill the predicted preview by cost and further many people around the globe suffer losses of property and damage, hence it’s the time we need to start to battle back.

The ABSTRACT of the CLEANING GAMES business is to beat the giants at their own game. $100million USD is a good base to invest in measurement equipment for combustible gases as O2, toxic gases, organic vapours, odorant and amine (check e.g. and to hire the best attorneys. There is Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and other Universities with fresh minds and many settled attorneys as Elizabeth Cabraser that gives us a good startup position. Further 15,000 scientist and thousands of climate activist that will help us to underpin and to mark the binding rules and limits in the countries. What Greenpeace did 40 years ago was absolutely low-tech and risky. CLEANING GAMES will act with state-of-the-art equipment and by an absolutely legal way, as they found out by accident against Volkswagen. We will invest for helicopters, drones and other tools to measure the amount of PENALTIES in real time directly over the facilities. We hire a team with great knowledge in emission policies and bring LAW and ENGINEERING under the suit of a cleaning company together. A public private ENVIRONMENT SECURITY SERVICE to uncover common deceive. That’s the main goal right now.

Please share this press release on your preferred social platform. And don’t worry. We just want to take off your PRIVATE responsibility for the environment. There are more important and enjoyable things to do. Our aim is to clean the planet up a bit by law. Our CLEANING GAMES are designed to reduce your carbon footprint and to reduce pollution around you. That will save you to pay high taxes in the future. Business as usual. Pledge one dollar to get your VIP Compensation

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