Pitarque, 3rd of September 2021


I take great pride and satisfaction in being able to present Rawlemon’s Shareholder Report 2021.

Ten years can pass by fast

This is our tenth operational year since applied for the patent to make solar power a reality for all.

As announced from Monaco in July, we highlight four key topics that we believe will shape markets and the economy in the year ahead, with important implications for investors.

1. Our assets have grown by 11% in the last year
With the development of Rawlemon’s subsidiary Kinichy.com we have achieved new prototypes and important measurements for efficiencies on silicon based photovoltaic concepts.

2. Record solar installations 2020
Regardless the pandemic crisis, record solar installations in 2020 account for additional 8% dividends in 2021.

3. Climate
Climate impacts—which include stronger storms, more erratic weather, heat
waves, floods, food shortages, rising seas, and large scale disruptions to
migration patterns—are felt across ecosystems, communities, and
economies worldwide. The rising costs are crucial for an earlier energy transition.

4. Power outages
Centralized energy sources are at risk. Severe weather has an increasing effect to the conventional power grids. Thus will increase capital costs of the providers to make the grids more reliable.

Why now

After six decades of research and manufacturing improvements, solar is now pushing down the price of energy everywhere it is used. However, it is still only shocking 3 percent of world power output and the rate of growth of solar generation in 2018 will be the lowest for many years. Still, at over 20 percent, that figure is still very high. And more money was invested in solar PV in 2020 than in any other power source.

Our solution is Rawlemon, a patented solar concentration technology that has reinvented the sun tracking systems, to deliver high performance in buildings, on land, in the air and at sea. By concentrating diffuse light, the system stabilizes the critical weak light periods in winter time. In doing so, Rawlemon will serve decentralized, autonomous and stable electricity where needed to overcome the drawbacks of the hefty capital investment in infrastructure and real-estate.
However, there are more significant environmental benefits matching the regulations that industries facing today.

After 10 years of development, we believe it serves a key purpose and represents a fundamental tool in the future of our long-term strategic planning process and we are pleased to have this opportunity to share it with all of you.

André Broessel



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