Goodbye 2018 – Hello 2019 – Game Changer games to be continued in 2019

Join us for a look back at 2018’s biggest moments…and what to expect in 2019.

With this New Years message we like to say thanks for an excellent year in 2018. With more than 100K visitors on our page we achieved a lot of new blogpost all over the globe. We are working now on a more dynamic content, as we have developed new product proposals. Some of them we might able to produce by ourselves, others as the Beta.ey we need fresh funds for mass production. Also we accomplish in 2018 a high score by distribution inquiries of more than thousand since our campaign at Indiegogo in 2014. Stay tuned! Greetings from Andre and the team.

5 things to look forward to in 2019:

+On 1st. of January 2019 the new EU Directive for Building Efficiency comes into effect. All new public buildings of all 28 EU Members have to be nearly zero-energy buildings. 

+With the pilot project in Monaco we point a combined efficiency of 65% in Building Integration. Especially the amount of heat (thermal) conversion gives new opportunities in northern countries to decrease the biggest CO2 issue of primary energy heat conversion. Thanks to the development enforcements of chillers (heat to cool conversion), the MicroTrack500HY system will support buildings heating and cooling requirements.

+Our MicroTrack80E / 280W/m2 electricity module is ready for mass production. The modular system is designed to apply to Building material (BIPV) and to the growing electric automotive industry as a scalable high-power charging station. 

+The Fourth National Climate Assessment issued late 2018 scenarios will force governments to act. There’s no evidence that climate change will effect economic growth in the nearby future. Still in many countries policies for the transition into clean energy are to low. In US, 80% of CO2 emissions is related to energy production.Thanks to messages as from COP24, UN, The World Economic Forum, European Commission and many other strong organisations, climate change has become an urgent reality to act. There are only a few journalist —as Damian Carrington from the Guardian— pointing the truth frequently. It’s a shame that a kid of 15 years —Greta Thunberg— has more force to move things than Greenpeace or Green parties. 

+Rawlemon is more eager than ever to get funded. We have the most disruptive business plan ready for companies and venture capitalist to battle against the power industry and fossil fuel driven nations. 

Here’s the good news from 2018:

+Amazing milestone of 1,000 distributor inquiries since 2014 from all over the globe waiting that Rawlemon products enter to the market. 

+Breakthrough proof of heat conversion during field tests in summer time with stunning results. The hybrid collector featured by water cooling demonstrates a thermal performance of 85W which equals 400W/m2 thermal efficiency. 

+After several meetings in Monaco, Rawlemon has demonstrated in September 2018 a combined efficiency of 47% with the MicroTrack500HY. 

In result we’re working on this pilot project to launch it in March 2019 at clients site in Monaco. 

+With a new prototype to measure diffuse light concentration, first time we are to overcome the electricity output in low light conditions less than 200W/m2. In fact, the net aperture size (ball lens) vs. the cell net aperture size (PV panel). Physics in optical science are to restudied, as this performance is in state-of-the-art optical science today impossible. 

+MicroTrack80 has a new dual-axis tracking system.

+Rawlemon is featured at the University of Technology Eindhoven in a master thesis with the highest electricity performance in building integration (BiPV).


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