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Ten years can pass by fast

This is our tenth operational year to enter into the most powerful market. Starting 2022 with more than 50 million in TV audience, we’re delighted to run a motivation campaign for the society.
Given the key question we seek to answer each year is “which investors look best set to have significant market impact over the next five to ten years?” Our 10th operational year allows us to reflect on what the market’s consensus viewpoint has got right and wrong over the past decade, and how significant shifts have occurred in politics.
Competitive in price
After six decades of research and manufacturing improvements, solar is now pushing down the price of energy everywhere it is used. However, it is still only shocking 3 percent of world power output and the rate of growth of solar generation in 2018 will be the lowest for many years. Still, at over 20 percent, that figure is still very high. And more money was invested in solar PV in 2020 than in any other power source.
Highlighting four key topics that we believe will shape markets and the economy in the year ahead, with important implications for investors.
Andre Broessel revolutionized solar technology with the introduction of Rawlemon’s Spherical Solar Power Generators for buildings and e-mobility in 2012. Today, Rawlemon leads the world in cleantech innovation with prototypes MicroTrack80, Beta.rey and Beta.ey. Rawlemon’s two solar energy concepts — Solar electricity and Solar thermal energy — provide high efficiency and low-cost energy to empower people with transparent energy generators. Rawlemon is dedicated to making the best cleantech products on earth, and to leaving the world better than we found it.